About Me

Hi! I’m Mary. Thanks for stopping by.

I love cooking and I love blogging. Since I started on my keto journey I thought creating an online space for me to keep track of my thoughts and progress on keto, as well as keep up a collection of my recipes.

My purpose in life, discovered after years of contemplating, is to help others in any way I can. I’ve always been a helpful person, friends often come to me for advice, and I love to share the knowledge and experiences I’ve had. It’s why I started my blog Living a Sunshine Life. It only makes sense that sharing what I’ve learned regarding keto would fit right into that mission, however I wanted a specific place to share keto related posts outside of my Sunshine Life blog.

Other things you might learn about me along the way are that I love my cat, we homeschool (I blog about that too, over on Homeschool Antics), and I would love to take up archery, just for the fun of it. I have a Master’s degree in Industrial and Organizational Psychology, and someday I would love to get my PhD in Social Psychology with an emphasis on Positive Psychology.

I’m not an athletic person and I find exercise a chore (always have, even in elementary school), however give me a purpose like hiking while foraging, geocaching, or sightseeing in a new place, and I’m all over it.

My main goal with keto is to reduce inflammation. My allergies and arthritis pains are diminished when I’m on a keto diet, which makes my over all quality of life better. In addition, it gives me more motivation and energy, so that’s a plus too. Weight loss isn’t my main goal, but it is sort of a secondary goal because the less I weigh, the less stress on my joints, which will help with my arthritis too.

I’m glad you’re here to follow me on my journey and pick up a few new recipes along the way.

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