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Keto and Low Carb Journey Beginnings

Starting my keto journey and taking you along with me.
Me in a not so flattering picture at the top of Pikes Peak trying on a hoodie. Yes I’m wearing flip flops on top of the mountain. Also, this is a picture of me at the beginning of my current keto journey. I started in about a week after this picture was taken.

When I first learned about keto I had a similar reaction as many people. “High fat? Low carbs? That doesn’t sound healthy at all.”

“A diet of bacon, cream cheese, cheese upon cheese, and a fad diet phase. Not for me.”

Then I learned what keto was actually all about and how it works. I talked to my doctor, and learned from other friends that bacon, cream cheese, and all that fad diet stuff that scared me away isn’t actually how the diet works.

Like any lifestyle diet you need to make sure it’s nutritionally solid. Get your fats from sources that have other nutrients your body needs. Avocados, nuts, and grass fed beef.

Now things were starting to sound a bit more nutritious, and sustainable.

About a year ago I stepped into the world of keto and liked what I found.

I lost 20 pounds, my allergies and arthritis subsided, I had more energy, and in return was more active and more motivated in other areas of my life. Life was good.

Unfortunately life was also busy and being new to the whole ketosis lifestyle, I found I didn’t yet have enough resources, tips, tools, and information to keep me going through it all.

The first bumps in the road to keto.

Girl Scout cookie sales started in and my girls were the top sellers in our troop. That means we were busy for the entire month going door to door, working cookie booths, and delivering cookies. I didn’t have time to research recipes, meal plan, or prep food.

Keto took a backseat in life.

I told myself, after cookie sales I’ll get back on to keto, and I did! We went on vacation and I stuck to my keto diet and had plenty of energy to keep up with the family on all of our explorations.

Then the next phase of chaos happened. My husband was offered a new job on the other side of the state that started in less than a month. We had to pack all of our stuff, sell our house, and buy a new house in an extremely short period of time.

Our plan was a success, unfortunately, again because I was so new to keto, I didn’t have the tool box I needed to keep up with a new way of eating while we were minimizing everything we had by putting 90% of it all into a storage unit, being on short notice to gather up the kids and pets to be out of the house for a few hours at a time for home showing, and even being homeless for a few weeks (we stayed at my husband’s parent’s house during that time).

That was then, this is now.

Finally, we settled into our new home, all of the family weddings, vacations, and visits were finished. I was ready to start keto the right way. Three months of uninterrupted time to focus on me and getting into a good routine, resolving challenges related to keto, and finding delicious recipes I wanted to eat, not just that I felt like I had to eat.

That brings us to the present.

I’m currently going strong on keto, I’m down another ten pounds (and didn’t even gain back what I lost previously!), and I’m sharing my story with you, in real time, as it happens.

Please share your keto story in the comments! Your beginnings, challenges, successes, and even where you are in your journey now.


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