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Gotta Pick Myself Up

I fell out of bed last night.

Actually, I was pushed out of bed last night.

Getting settled to go to sleep I put my glasses on my nightstand. Instead of making it to the nightstand they dropped to the floor. If it were anything else I would have left it there until morning, but since I need my glasses and didn’t want to step on them I decided I needed to pick them up.

It was pitch black in the room so I used the flashlight on my phone to locate my glasses, then I leaned over the edge of the bed to grab them. Unfortunately I leaned just a bit too far over so I didn’t have the leverage to oomph myself back up into bed. Luckily the wall was next to me, so I was able to use my hand to push off of the wall giving myself leverage to prop myself back up in the bed.

That’s when it happened.

Right at the moment I was maneuvering myself back into bed my cat decided to jump up on my hip and thigh looking for bedtime snuggles, wondering what I was doing at such an odd angle. The extra weight from the cat, and his subsequent leaping off of me threw my body off balance even more and I wound up in a pile on floor taking all of the blankets with me. Obviously, the cat was still on the bed looking down on me questioning why I decided to sleep on the floor.

Honestly, I contemplated just sleeping on the floor, but I got myself up, remade the bed and placed my glasses on the nightstand where they belong.

Stretching Myself Thin

That’s when I got to thinking about the past few weeks. I’ve been in a zone. Most likely I overwhelmed myself with all of the obligations I place on myself. Between working at home, homeschooling, leading Girl Scouts, plus regular household chores and errands, there aren’t enough hours in a day.

Taking on one task and putting all of my focus on it for awhile is what usually happens. It started with the blog, working all day, everyday getting things organized, creating recipes, blog design, taking and editing photos, building up social media. Next, Girl Scouts needed my attention. We had field trips, badgework, hikes, and activities. Homeschooling was going on right along with these things, so we had library trips, documentaries to watch, books to read, notes to take, and more.

That’s when I sort of shut down. The usual result of stretching myself too thin. I stopped cooking keto meals, opting for quick and easy, less healthy and not so keto options. I sat on the couch binge watching some different shows, while crocheting/knitting scarves for people in need.

Even when I’m shutting myself down for recovery time, I’m still working on something!

Picking Myself Up

About ten scarves later, and at least three entire series watched on Netflix, my body was telling me it’s time to move back into the real world and get things done. Unfortunately, I lacked the motivation I needed to get back to the things I needed to do.

That is, until I fell out of bed and had to pick myself up.

That was the motivation I needed to get back into the swing of things.

I’m back to tracking my diet. Keto blogging is back on the agenda. We’re taking care of some Girl Scout projects. Homeschooling is moving right along. We’re cleaning house because the electricians are coming in later this week.

Who knew a cat could provide the motivation needed to get life back on track. All it took was pushing a human out of bed. There’s a reason that cat is my best friend.

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